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It was January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi.
He was born Elvis Aron Presley in a cold day.
His family was poor, but his mother was strong.
That's All Right, she'd figure it out, she'd find a way.

At a young age he was already singing.
Old Shep, his mother's favorite tune.
He came in second in that pageant, but had all crying.
Little did he know his career would start soon.

His family then moved to Memphis, Tennessee.
He finished his studies and worked as a truck driver,
driving between Memphis and the Blue Moon of Kentucky.
He went into Sun and cut a disc, just to see what he could be.

Came 1954 and Sam Phillips called back on him.
Sam's request was "sing me a song I'd like to hear".
He cut this and that - never Satisfied, but always keen.
It was July 5, 1954 - his stardom was near.

When they played that on the radio, the legend was born.
He'd rock in the swamps of Louisian' or under Kentucky Rain.
The Yellow Rose of Texas would cheer his musical form.
Soon he'll be riding to glory on a Mystery Train.

Wherever he'd play, there'd be Good Rockin' Tonight.
The men didn't like him, Just Because.
The girls loved him and for his attention they'd even fight.
They'd shout at him - "Baby, Let's Play House!".

A self-proclaimed 'Colonel' Parker came to stay.
A man from Netherlands, an alien under guise.
It's true he got Elvis a huge deal with RCA,
But even truer is the fact that he was a Devil In Disguise.

His new recordings were a hit and made him a god.
People would listen to him in a Heartbreak Hotel,
or in a happy place, wearing Blue Suede Shoes.
The audience saw he wasn't just nothing but a Hound Dog.

The movies came and the girls asked "please Love Me Tender, Elvis".
Whether he was Loving You or dancing to a Jailhouse Rock,
People would come and see that King Creole shaking his pelvis.
A marketing campaign would put him in G.I. Blues - it was a shock!

The love of his life left him alone in 1958,
but it was time for her to rest.
She was his Someone You'll Never Forget,
she wanted him to live life at its best.

In Germany he was surrounded by Girls, Girls, Girls!
But one made him say "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You".
She was Priscilla, the only one who gave him chills.
Their age gap was a problem, so the Colonel asked them to keep it smooth.

When he returned in 1960 for his second coming,
He sang "Witchcraft" with Frank Sinatra.
He was nervous and it was showing,
But he always knew how to keep it going.

Hollywood took him from the stages,
and his 9 years absence seemed like ages.
He fell in love with the talented Ann-Margret,
Fools Fall In Love, he couldn't act on it - a shame and a regret.

The many movies he made took a toll on him.
It was all "more of the same" and he wanted to leave.
To him all those producers were a Poison Ivy League.
He was worried his audience would forget about him.

The lack of quality in his movies were a headache.
The Colonel was pushy, the producers too - it was Double Trouble.
He might've seen no way out but what he did.
He gave himself a concussion during the filming of Clambake.

But his life would get better and he'd see a light.
He married Priscilla and they had the lovely Lisa.
As a Change of Habit, he'd go back to the stage.
Viva Las Vegas, and the glamour of the City By Night.

In 1968 it'd all change and he'd come out of the Edge of Reality.
A TV Special was made and he went back to be a Guitar Man.
Old friends singing If I Can Dream, bringing lovely Memories again.
From then on there'd be Little Less Conversation.

Elvis was finally Back In Memphis and On Stage.
His energy was such it looked like he hadn't age.
From Elvis In Memphis came songs that'd stuck in our minds.
In the Ghetto, Mama Liked the Roses, Suspicious Minds.

His success was big, he'd be in a movie to show his glory.
It would show the audience That's the Way it Is done.
He'd sell Love Letters From Elvis and Elvis Country.
His sadness and mood swings were gone.

Elvis Now was a happy man as well as a religious soul.
"He Touched Me", he'd say, and to spread the Word was his goal.
Elvis On Tour came and went, and he became a musical force.
Trouble was on the way, though - soon he'd get a divorce.

In 1973 he gave us all his Aloha From Hawaii,
and proved he was really Raised On Rock.
On the stage Elvis was on top,
but to his wife, it was time to say goodbye.

She'd say she was A Woman Without Love,
but in fact she had plenty when he turned his back.
He'd endure the bad times preferring to Talk About the Good Times.
He was too proud to say "Love Me" or "Little Sister, Get Back".

The Promised Land was gone and things would stale.
He was a man in need of help and a new way to pick.
The press was mean to him, never realizing he was sick.
To him, his life was looking a lot like a Fairytale.

"If You Love Me, Let Me Know", he'd say.
People around him had nothing to say.
They wouldn't care if he was "feeling away",
as long as he could sign off their pay.

Elvis was Hurt, feeling really Moody Blue,
but yet he was always Trying to Get to You.
He'd never loose his voice, his art.
He'd reach heaven singing How Great Thou Art.

His life now wasn't an Unchained Melody in no way.
It's Easy for You to judge someone you don't know.
He came and went, sick but always giving a good show.
His only happiness was to know: "I did it My Way".

The King left the building and left us crying,
but his fans showed him love that is Never Ending.
He was the brightest star the world would see.
It was August 16, 1977 at Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis was dead.
JD Sumner was there, he wouldn't lie about his friend.
He saw him in the coffin, My Little Friend.
Elvis was smart enough - but to Lisa, he wouldn't do that.

Elvis Today is remembered and loved in a large scale.
The world admires that tough U.S. Male.
One thing is true and proven:


Texto: Diego Mantese
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